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1. Celadon City - wide area of ​​tropical forest ecology 16ha with 3 pools - one in the city of Dalat poetic

Parks and internal wide area 16.4 hectares and 3 lakes ecological park as the 3rd largest scale next City Tao Dan Park (20ha) & Dam Sen Park (19ha). Especially as this is a full park in a residential area Celadon City, is a unique utility and single, without any other residential areas in the city have been. Building density is only 20% of the whole area.


2. Celadon City - convenient transportation to any destination

Celadon City is just 7 km from the city center and Tan Son Nhat International Airport is 3 km. The location is very convenient, connected to the East-West Highway and National Highway 1A.

Address: Bo Bao Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC. When the subway line No. 2 Tham Luong - Ben Thanh Market is complete, from Celadon City, you only take 10 minutes to reach the center of District 1.

celadon city location

3. Du an Celadon City- Investor Credits

Celadon City is the result of collaboration between two corporate strategy estate prestige: Gamuda (Malaysia) & Sacomreal (Vietnam).

Gamuda Land Group is a real estate under construction groups and development of infrastructure and real estate Gamuda Berhad leading Malaysian Gamuda Land was founded in 1995. With 17 years of experience, Gamuda Land's real estate group specializing in the development of urban areas and communities. Up to now, the work of Gamuda Land has a total area of ​​2,480 ha and up to a total value of 8.2 billion. Solid economic potential is a factor helping Gamuda Land successfully implemented projects of urban high building with a large scale in markets around the world.

Investor commitment construction schedule. Tower A and Tower B was handed over apartments - Tower C expected handover Month 3/2017

4. The build quality good - Celadon City of system standards CONQUAS

Quality assessment system works was built and developed by the Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering Singapore. 5. Celadon City Life facilities - all amenities

Business Center & entertainment AEON (Japan) - 3:51 ha - was opened on 01/11/2014 - focused fashion brands, cosmetics, renowned restaurants, from Japanese origin. ILA language school, Kumon math. CGV Cinemas - Megastar. Play area for children: Tini Town ... can ho celadon city

aeon supermarket opening

aeon supermarket opening 2

Sports Zone - 5:43 ha: Olympic-sized swimming pools, soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball, spa, gym ...

aeon supermarket opening


Cultural center (4ha): Celadon City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Centre for Unesco international cultural exchanges, future cultural events, education, science, information & communications through domestic and international large to be held here.

Educational Zone (7:31 ha) is planning to build the kindergarten, primary school - junior high and high schools in the country and the level 1, level 2 and level 3 in accordance with international standards. 6. Beautiful design, modern. Apartment area fit

7. Gia ban can ho celadon city Selling prices reasonable, flexible payment - Price only from 1.5 billion / unit

8. Get home as soon as the payment of 15%

9. Many deals from investors

- Apartment 3 PN - TT 15% receive home - Installments 48 months 0% interest rate

- Apartment 2 PN - TT 15% receive home - Installments 36 months 0% interest rate

- Block C signed contract TT 15% receive home - Installments 48 months 0% interest rate   3 YEAR GIFT OF CHARGE MANAGEMENT   Sports Club membership card 5 YEARS   KITCHEN CABINET GAVE FOR THE FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS Can ho opal riverside - ban can ho quan 2 - ban can ho the vista - ban can ho the estella - ban can ho thao dien pearl - cho thue can ho quan 2


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